It's a comfy + hygienic changing mat. It's a zip-up waterproof swim bag!

With your very own hygienic zip-up,
pocket-sized, swimming mat, you never need to put bare feet onto a communal changing room floor again.

Experience the comfort of stepping onto the silky soft absorbent fibres of a NattyMat while changing and you’ll wonder why no-one ever thought of it before.

If you swim, gym or ramble, or just want to sit outside without getting a wet bottom, be sure to take your NattyMat!

How to use your NattyMat

Changing rooms

In the interests of hygiene, podiatrists advise that to you should avoid putting your bare feet onto a communal changing room floor at all. Even a freshly cleaned floor becomes suspect as soon as a person walks across it – either barefoot or with shoes. Verruca, athlete’s foot and other bacteria are often transferred in communal changing rooms – why hasn’t someone invented a personal hygienic foot mat for use in changing rooms?

The NattyMat is designed to provide a personal comfortable and hygienic barrier between your clean feet and the floor while you are changing.

NattyMat helps you to avoid putting your feet on the floor when changing out of your day clothes and into sport or swim wear. Always ensure that you put on pool slippers or flip flops when walking to the poolside and afterwards when taking a shower.

The first step

After your shower, towel dry, remove your flip flops and step onto your NattyMat to finish drying your feet in comfort. Enjoy the feeling of soft and silky bamboo fibres absorbing the moisture from your freshly showered toes.

After completely drying your feet, don clothing, socks and shoes. But where to put the flip flops and wet swimming costume? Simple!


Lift your NattyMat off the floor holding the zipper tab, and zip the NattyMat up halfway. Your NattyMat is now a waterproof bag! In go the flip flops and any other wet things, then zip-up your NattyMat! It may now be safely stowed in your sports bag or holdall.

Home and dry

There you are – in and out of the communal changing room without once putting your bare feet onto the floor, and with no chance of any floor-based contaminants coming into contact with your feet, the inside of your bag or any other clean items in your bag – it will be perfectly dry, not having been soaked by wet pool or sports clothing.

When home, your NattyMat can be popped into a warm wash, and then be left to air-dry, ready for your next visit to the pool or gym.

Outdoors – walking and rambling

Your NattyMat is compact, light and flexible enough for you to fold and keep in a coat pocket.

When outside, your NattyMat is ideal for sitting on damp grass or outdoor furniture.
Simply take out your NattyMat, unzip it, place it on the ground or on the wet furniture and take a comfortable seat. No more damp bottom!

After use, your NattyMat zips up floor-side in, so any damp earth or moss etc. is safely sealed inside. Your NattyMat can then be safely popped back into your pocket!

Washing instructions

The NattyMat is colour-fast and safe to wash at 40 degrees, and will normally air-dry overnight.
The NattyMat should not be tumble-dried.